Write For Us

Thank you for your interest in writing for us!

Although associated with Advanced Web Ranking, this blog is less about how our product works and more about the people who use it, about their interests and passions.

We gladly welcome the participation of passionate, innovative and original writers on our blog to share their expertise and practical knowledge.

How can I submit my post?

Once you finish writing your post, you can send it by email at knowledgekeeda.ad@gmail.com

What should I write about?

When it comes to posts, we try not to limit our contributors to certain topics, as we’d much rather prefer that everyone wrote about their passions. However, we need to keep our content within the lines of the following topics:

How long should my post be?

We encourage articles of 800 words minimum. Although we’re not very strict about this, we do recommend all writers to create rather extensive articles. This ensures both a proper coverage of the chosen topic and a good response from our audience.

What language should my post be in?

Your content must be unique, written in English, grammatically correct, and with no spelling errors.

What format should my post be submitted in?

You can submit it in Word, Open Office, Rich Text Format, Google Docs, or within the body of the email. Whichever of these options you prefer.

Should I include links within my post?

Sure. You can include links that are relevant for the reader, and we do encourage you to link to any resources, tools, etc. that you mention specifically.

Note: We do not accept self-promotion or affiliate links.

Should I include photos?

Not necessarily. However, if you do decide to include photos, please make sure you own the copyright to any images you submit with your posts or that you include image credits.

Note: The images need to be minimum 840 pixels wide.

Will you edit my post?

We do reserve the right to make small edits such as grammar corrections if needed, or suggest you make changes that we find opportune and needed for the post to get published.

Note: Indifferent of the changes made, you will get full credit for the article.

How do I know my post is going to be published?

Once we have reviewed your post we will notify you by email that it is scheduled for publishing on our blog.

Do you offer or claim money for posts?

We do not focus on paid content for our blog.

Anything else I should keep in mind?

Since not all submissions are going to be published, please make sure that you give your best in creating quality content before sending it to us.

Best of luck and happy writing!

And, in the spirit of best practices, here’s our blogging code of ethics:

  • We will tell the truth.
  • We will never delete a post.
  • We will only delete comments that are spam or off-topic.
  • We will acknowledge and correct mistakes promptly.
  • We will speak with our own voices, not glossy corporate speech.
  • We will correct any errors or omissions promptly, noting when we do.
  • We will reply to emails and comments when appropriate and will do so promptly.
  • We will link to references and source materials directly.
  • If we disagree with other opinions, we will do so respectfully.