Top 5 Essential Hair Care Routine Steps For Shiny Hair and A Healthy Scalp

Summers are dacoits of shine and lusture not only from the skin but also from the hair. The depleting levels of hydration lead to dull, lifeless skin and limp, dry hair. We usually see a lot of products for the skin but the hair somehow feel a little neglected in the process.

Hair in summers become the most messy as we sweat more than usual and the hair tend to become sticky. The oil secreted by the glands in the scalp, the sweat and the scorching heat attract more dust and end up blocking the pores of the scalp.

This might lead to an itchy and dry scalp and also in turn make an ideal place for dandruff to set in. Dandruff can be of two types dry and oily.

Either ways it just robs your hair off the lustrous, bouncy and clean look. Though one should keep the hair covered while going out in the sun, there are various ways of taking care of your hair in summers.

Like for the face we use a cleansing, scrubbing and moisturising routine, the same routine is to be followed up with hair as well. We would be talking about a few products and some home made treatments as well to bring back the lost gleam into your crowning glory.


Unlike the face moisturising of the hair is usually done before the cleansing. Since its summers you can choose from a variety of cooling oils available in the market suiting your requirement. Massage your hair gently with the oil and leave it on for not more than an hour and then wash.

Top 5 essential hair care routine steps for shiny hair and a healthy scalp

Mixing aloe vera gel to your oil and massaging your hair also gives soothing effect to the scalp in summers. You can also add essential oils to your hair and vitamin E capsules are also not a bad idea for that extra nourishment.


Many of you might be thinking that scrubbing is only in the face cleaning routine. However, it is super essential for the skin of your scalp as well. How many times did we give a thought to that?? Well, usually the oily dandruff gets stuck to the scalp and when you scratch it, comes into your nails.

This  is an indicator that your scalp is shouting for help. The layer of oily dandruff tend to clog the pores of the skin of the scalp making any nutrition difficult to penetrate within the scalp. Not many hair scalp scrubs are available in the market, so we can always make home scalp scrubs easily.


Take ground rock salt available in the market, in case the himalyan rock salt is available nothing like it, mix it with your favourite oil. Make partitions in your hair like you do for applying oil and gently put the scrub on your scalp and massage it gently.

Top 5 essential hair care routine steps for shiny hair and a healthy scalp.

It will scrape of the dead skin from your scalp and the tough oily dandruff as well. You can wash it well with any shampoo of your choice for a clean and healthy scalp without dandruff.


Like the rock salt, we can take brown sugar or organic sugar and similarly mix it with olive oil or any oil of your choice and in the similar manner scrub on your scalp to get rid of the dead skin.

Top 5 essential hair care routine steps for shiny hair and a healthy scalp.

Sugar as we all know is ideal for scrubbing. So this exfoliation routine would surely change the way your hair look and make your scalp more breathable.


Like any skin care routine would have it, cleansing is a pivotal step in hair care routine as well. There are many shampoos available in the market which claim clean dandruff free hair, or ones for the coloured hair.

Top 5 essential hair care routine steps for shiny hair and a healthy scalp

Majority of the shampoos contain sulphate which ideally makes the shampoo lather well. But, these sulphates in the longer run, damage the hair. The parabens present in these shampoos also end up harming the hair texture.

Usage of shampoos which are organic, sulphate and paraben free might be slightly on the costlier side but they ensure a healthy, clean scalp with beautiful, shiny and soft hair.

WOW is one such company which has an amazing range. The Apple Cider Vinegar shampoo not only cleans the hair without damaging the scalp, it takes care of dandruff, reduces hairfall and is ideal for people with colored hair as well.

Top 5 essential hair care routine steps for shiny hair and a healthy scalp

WOW also happens to launch a sunscreen shampoo which claims to have concentrated and anti- oxidant rich olive extracts with microparticles which embrace the hair and shield them from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun.

These are best when used with a nourishing conditioner of the same brand. Conditioning is super essential for your hair to look frizz free, manageable, healthy and soft. It’s a step one should never miss.


After washing your hair, you may apply serums to make your hair look more manageable and shiny. However, Pantene has come up with the Pantene Oil Replacement which does not really work like oil but yes is used after washing your hair.

Top 5 essential hair care routine steps for shiny hair and a healthy scalp

It is almost like a serum and need not be washed later. It helps in detangling the hair and making them look more healthy and manageable.



A post graduate in English and a personality development and language trainer by profession. Living as an army wife for almost a decade now make up and beauty regimes have been an inseparable part of my life. Different part of the country, variant weather and climatic conditions inspired me to write much about skin care routines and graduated in make up techniques over the years. Hence, became a beauty blogger as well.