Top 10 Health Benefits of Karela [Bitter Gourd] Juice

Bitter gourd juice, also known by the name of bitter melon or karela (in Hindi) juice, is a type of vegetable juice which is commonly used for its health benefits.

Bitter melon is perpetually useful for your skin. It helps disposes of skin break out and gives you a faultless composition. There are a few other medical advantages of unpleasant gourd like weight reduction.

It is an excellent source of vitamin B1, B2, B3, C, iron, zinc, manganese, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium and beta-carotene. Bitter gourd or karela is very high in dietary fiber and low in calories.

Major Health Benefits of Bitter Gourd juice (Karela):

1. Controls Diabetes:

Bitter gourd or bitter melon is commonly used for the treatment of diabetes. Bitter gourd has a specific insulin-like protein called polypeptide P that copies the activity of insulin and brings down glucose levels in diabetic patients.   

2. Purifies Blood:

The antimicrobial and cancer prevention agent properties exhibit in karela juice help in treating skin issues, blood issue, expelling poisons from the blood and purifing it. It additionally enhances blood flow and also cures issues like rashes, skin inflammation, psoriasis, blood bubbles and even prevents the development of destructive cells in the body.

3. Helps in weight reduction

Bitter gourd is low in calories, fat and starches. It keeps you full for more and subsequently, it can undoubtedly fit in your weight reduction design. It was additionally inferred that bitter gourd can be seen as a characteristic specialist for treating corpulence.

4. Supports Liver Health

Bitter gourd (karela) is beneficial as liver tonic if it is consumed regularly. It cures digestive problems because of its constituent- cellulose which is very good source of fiber. It advances the separating elements of your liver, which washes down the blood of debasements, and helps in expelling hurtful poisons from the liver.

5. Good for Skin Diseases:

Karela Juice is also very useful for skin. It removes the fine lines from the upper surface of skin. Take 10-15 gm fresh juice of bitter gourd (karela) or bitter melon daily to cure skin infections till it required.

6. Bitter gourd helps kill cancer cells

Bitter gourd juice contains a compound that restrains the transportation of glucose (sugar), along these lines bringing down glucose levels, removing the sustenance supply to malignancy cells, impeding their development.

7. Removes Kidney stones:

Bitter gourd  (karela) juice is also effective to remove kidney stones. Take 10-15 gm bitter gourd juice empty stomach for some days; it helps to break the stone in small pieces and remove through urine.


Bitter gourd (karela) juice is beneficial for health, but in a little amount. Excessive use of bitter gourd juice or bitter melon juice may cause nausea, abdominal pain, acidity or hypoglycemia (if you are not diabetic), so take precaution. Pregnant ladies should not take this juice because it may harmful for fetus.

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