Let’s Get your bags packed – Traveling Solo is The Therapy and a Treat to your soul

We all are living in a fast paced life where we are running in a monotonous routine to seek approval about our lives from everyone around us but we forget Self- happiness, We all have got so used to be living around the people we know that we dread meeting new people, we are scared of exploring the unknown.

Breaking your inhibitions and insecurities

Ever since we were kids we were instructed to keep away from unknown places and strangers, Which was sensible since we were kids and knew little about the bad face of the world. But now it’s time to realize that the world is also about beautiful places and friendlier souls.

When you pack your bags and go to a city unknown, you have that tiny anxiousness in your stomach and excitement on top of your head.

The biggest advantage of going solo is you get chance to meet and talk to new people. When you already have companion (s) you would mostly be involved with them and miss a chance on seeing interesting things and people around you.

Fall in love with the person you would live for rest of your life: YOU

Now let’s move on to the therapeutic part of traveling. Traveling in itself is known to be relaxing and rejuvenating, But when you travel solo it also becomes a trip for self exploration.

You learn to manage things on your own. you don’t have anyone to back in any inconvenient situation and that is when you get to know your real strengths and weaknesses and how you would respond in a specific situation.

Traveling solo make you more self – dependent and less afraid of unknown places and people.

Visiting a place alone and absorbing the beauty and serenity of the place in your heart would give you a distinct feeling. You would enjoy your own company and would get time to listen to your inner voices that you have been ignoring for a long while now.

We just need to understand one thing – To stay happy we would need to break our inhibitions about befriending strangers. Don’t leave yourself vulnerable to anyone – Family or stranger, stay vigilant. But that should not mean cutting your communication with the people out of your circle. Go to new places, new cities, Meet new people, taste new delicacies and explore the beautiful cultures. We all need more friends to share our happiness with.

Let's Get your bags packed : Traveling Solo is The Therapy and a Treat to your soul

By the way I am not saying Gang Holidays are any less a fun, but everyone must take a chance and go on a solo trip. Just macro- plan this trip, and let your mood decide rest of the things, and don’t forget to keep away from your beloved electronics.

Mommy Speaks:

Be the responsible adult you are.

Take care of your belongings, stay well connected with your family and friends and keep them informed about your whereabouts.

Carry a bag of your essentials and medicines and provide your family’s contact details at the reception desk of your hotel to be used in case of unforeseen situations.

And remember solo trips are not meant to be just getting high- so enjoy this trip while you are in your senses.

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