How To Cure Cold and Cough Through Ingredients Available at Home

Sometimes we don’t have doctor or even medicines available to cure cold and cough, even having antibiotics more often affects your health in long term. There are simple natural way to cure cold and cough through organic ingredients which is available in kitchen and garden at your home.

You can consume ingredient directly according to your health requirements. But if you have plenty of herbs you can make something more tasty which eventually helps to cure your health problem with fasten speed.

Ayurveda is such a blessing for human to treat  all kind of health issues, beauty wellness, reliefs from pain, stress relief and depression from just through these herb and plants which specially discovered in our own garden, tropical reason or some may found at himalayas region depend on the herb you are looking for!

To cure cold and cough we are making a soup(Kada or Ukada) to cure cold and cough.

This kada can be consume by anyone from 3 years old baby to 90+ years old adults. I have tried this Kada on my grandma who was suffering from cough from past many weeks which she reliefs after having this kada(a soup) just after three cups of soups one day after another.

It’s easy to make, takes hardly 2-3 minutes of cooking it. It taste like pure water with amazing aroma of holy basil, cloves, ginger and add a perfect blend with honey with balance two different taste at a same time. Let’s start how to make ukada or Kada (Soup to cure cough)

Let’s first start with the ingredients

  1. Tulsi or Holy Basil
  2. Black Pepper
  3. Turmeric
  4. Ginger
  5. Cloves
  6. Honey
  7. Ghee or Butter

First, we need to take some half cup of water to boil, after boiling little bit we need to add some Tulsi or holy leaves around 5-8 leaves which improve respiratory disorders and oral health. Let it boil for 10 seconds then add crushed chunk of ginger, Ginger has many advantage depends on the problem you can use it according, it  beneficial for oral related its beneficial reducing the risk of infection and inflammatory diseases.

First adding both, take a pinch of turmeric which has powerful anti-inflammatory effects and is a very strong antioxidant, And 3-4 cloves which has thousands of benefits one of them including improving immune system, supporting oral health, curing respiratory infection. Add 2-3 crushed black pepper.

Let it boil to 2 minutes on a middle flame. In the meantime, add one spoon of Honey which helps to heal the throat to get relax faster and make the  kada little bit sweet and savory as we have add in many spices to balance it, in the end we need to add a spoon of Ghee.

Once it done, strain all boil water in the cup or bowl, serve it hot for faster and better result. Consume this kada for at least one time a day, it will finish 90% of your cough problem with this.

This is a simple and very quick recipe to cure throat with the natural ingredients available in your own kitchen and garden.

In Ayurvedas there are thousands of recipe and method to cure any disease or beauty wellness through plant and herbs. Ayurveda has many undiscovered plants and herb which haven’t heard till now but they are most powerful to source and methods to cure any treatment.

Explore this amazing world of Ayurveda to cure your daily beauty care, body illness and lead a healthy life with no side effects.

Do try this amazing aromatic kada for your love one to treat their health in easier way. Easy to make, easy to serve with the purest, organic way to cure health.