How Many Aroma Does Wine Typically Have – List of Indian Vineyards

The terms wine aroma is not exactly scientific but they can be useful to classify the origin of where the smells come from in wine. Wine, an alcoholic beverage made from Grapes which are fermented without the addition of sugars, acid, water, enzymes & any other nutrients.

Different types of grapes are being used to produce wine & these plays a very important role in the processing of wine be it Red wine or White Wine. Apart from grapes, Wine region, Climate, soil & other such environmental factors do plays a very important role in production of “Quality wine”.

Red Wine:

Red Wine is made from the skin of the dark colored grape varieties. The actual color of wine made from the grape skin may vary from Dark Red to Pale. The red color in red wine comes from the anthocyanins (pigments) present in the skin of the grapes.

Red wines should be served at room temperature (not too cool & not to hot). Some best Red wines are Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir, Zinfandel Cabernet Franc etc.

White Wine:

White wine can be produced from yellow, golden yellow, pulp of red grapes. Fermentation of pulp from these grapes (Non-Colored) is done. Typically Green or Yellow colored grapes are used for the production of white wine. The grape color can be straw- yellow, straw-green or can be Yellow-gold.

Chardonnay, Sauvignon & Riesling are examples of the white wine grapes. Which can be made even from the red grapes, but the wine-maker has to be utmost careful not to let the skin stain the wort during the separation of the pulp juice. White wine should be served chilled. Some best White wines are Pinot Blanc, Muscadet, Viognier etc.

Rosé Wine:

Wine that incorporates some of the color from the grape skins, but not enough to qualify it as red wine. 

Rosé wines should be served chilled & is meant for drinking outside on a sizzling hot day. Eg. Of Rosé wines are Mahana Pinot Noir, Chateau Musar Jeune Rosé, Paraduxx Napa Valley Rosé etc.

Apart from dinking wines as alcoholic beverage these are also used in cooking various recopies.

In order to improve the quality of wine Aging is done. The ability of a wine to age is influenced by many other factors including Grape Variety, Vintage, Viticulture Practices, Wine Region & Win making. The more the older the wine is the more enhanced quality it has.

As already discussed that the quality of wine majorly depends on Vineyards, therefore now we will briefly discuss about some of the Vineyards of India:

Indage Wines

Location – Narayangaon (Pune-Nashik Road)

how many aromas does wine typically have

It is Based in Narayangaon (Pune-Nashik Road). It is one of the pioneers of the authentic wine in India, also known as Chateau Indage. Examples of Top Wines by Indage are wines Ivy Shiraz, Riviera Blanc de Blanc, Chantilli Cabernet Sauvignon etc.

Grover Vineyards

Location – Nandi Hills (Karnataka)


A premier wine Bangalore based winery started by the Grover family in 1989 & now taken care by the 3rd Generation of the family. The winery started selling wines to France in 2001 & this is not less than an extra ordinary feat.

Covered with Lush green grapes, the Vineyard is situated in Nandi Hills (Karnataka), towards north of Bangalore the winery is spread in 410acres of area. Examples of Top Wines by Grover Vineyards are Cabernet Shiraz, Viognier, Shiraz Rose, La Reserve (Red Wine).

Sula Vineyards

Location – Govardhan Village, Nashik (Maharashtra)

It is the only Indian wine company which produces all the segments of Wine, i.e. Red Wine, White Wine, Rose Wine, Sparkling & Dessert Wines. The wine launched in year 2000 in Nasik, India’s largest grape growing region.

Initially famous for growing only wine grapes the Sula Vineyard’s founder Rajeev Samant later teamed up with Californian wine-maker & started winery in his family estate. Growing French Sauvignon Blanc & Californian Chenin Blanc was one of the revolutionary steps in the field.

N.D. Wines

Location – Dindori, Nashik (Maharashtra)

Situated in the suburbs of Nasik, this is the fourth largest winery in India, The winery sells most of its produce to Sula & sell only small portion under its own label. Situated on the lake side surrounded by lush green vineyard in Nasik, the first winery to grow the world famous Cabernet sauvignon-reserve & sauvignon Blanc reserve.

N.D. Syrah, Galaxy Red, N.D. wines sauvignon Blanc Reserve, N.D. wines Chenin blanc are some of the examples of the top wines by N.D. wines.

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