Horn Ok Please – Delhi Food Trucks Loaded With Happiness

As we have stepped into the third month of this new year and all your resolutions of eating right, eating healthy have gone for a toss, let us give you a genuine reasons to gobble on some more calories.

It’s time to make some extra space in your tummy and raid this Much awaited Horn OK Please – Delhi food fest with your spouse, BFF or Go Solo. Horn OK Please – Delhi food fest is back with all the reasons to try on some mouth watering delicacies and not feel guilty about it, not even a bit.

To All The Foodies Out There- Home calling!!

You would not want to miss a chance to experience the biggest fest in the city where they have brought the best of flavors with quirk overloaded. You have a chance to experience best of the food trucks serving you the most delicious specialties all at same place.

Horn Ok Please- Foodies Pack Your Bags And Head For This Crazy Food Fest


The only parameter of this Food fest is – Quality and likeability, it has homegrown newbies  to multinational brands playing on the same ground. The aromas in the air of this food fest is going to drive you crazy as It has dedicated Kabab lane for the diehard lovers of kababs, grilled food and BBQs with almost all possible varieties.

Wait!! it’s not all. Did I tell you about dedicated corners for Bakers and Waffles and of course our beloved Chatori Gali to make you stay a little longer. There is also a surprise for our foodie Ninjas at Grub Campus dedicated to students and Quirk Bazaar to buy “Goodies for Foodies”.

Horn Ok Please- Foodies Pack Your Bags And Head For This Crazy Food Fest

It seems this time it is really going to be tough task for you guys to go back home- Guess what! We also have Beer and cocktails to club with your favorite food. Feeling Full ? Yet lots to eat on your list? Worry Not. Tap your feet on the music, make some space in your belly and eat some more coz I know you – It’s never enough. 😉

Feeling Hungry Already?

Well wrap up your week and get ready for an exciting weekend that we have already planned for you.

Fuel up your wagons and head to Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium this weekend as this food fest starts on 09th of march and would last till 11th. So make the most of it this weekend and Visit all three days as it would have some Daily attractions and fun activities.

Indulge yourself in true happiness, Click pictures and check – in on social media to make everyone else feel jealous. Let them go green in envy while you treat your taste buds with the most eloquent flavors and enjoy your drinks with the music that taps on your soul.

It definitely is going to be a worthy treat after a long festive weekend followed by a long, lazy week. I can feel your pain so go explore your love for food this weekend  <3