Don’t let your lady read this article & Buckle up to explore Vietnam

Nguyen Thi Phuong , First women entrepreneur from Vietnam decided to challenge all the conservatives just by her one business Idea or rather by her innovative and courageous Marketing strategy and became second richest person in Vietnam.

All is Fair in Marketing

Marketing world has been experimenting all possible tactics to attract audiences and anything that contributes to their sales is a win – win or even if it brings you  to limelight.

One of the Vietnamese woman entrepreneur has decided to catch all the eye balls of men in the world by starting an airline that takes you to your destination in the way most of you would have ever dreamt of and that too that without  burning a hole in your pocket.

Nguyen made a Huge empire worth $3.4 Billion by an airline that is known for its “Leisure Services” while being a cost effective option to travel.

Good News Folks !!

All excited to book a seat in this airline and experience the heaven while still alive?

Well then this is the time for you all to raise a toast and celebrate as this airline has announced its plans to start flights between India and Vietnam in the recent business forum held for diplomatic relations between India and Vietnam.

Direct Flights between the capitals of the nations Ho Chi Minh and New Delhi are tentatively to start from July this year having four flights every week .

Vietnam has always been a Friend to India and has been sharing very smooth diplomacy in past. This Airline is supposed to elevate the scope of business partnerships in future between the Nations.

There is more to the story

Though Vietjet has been attracting all sorts of controversies and Hype because of its Bikini clad airhostesses but this helped airline to attract fliers initially.

Vietjet has been rated among the top brands and has marked its presence as “The Best Asian Low cost Carrier” that clearly indicates that this airline has a lot more to offer to its flyers than Bikini Models and its steamy annual calendar. (Though that’s no less an attraction). 😉

Vietjet is the second largest airline commanding approx 40% of the domestic travel in the country and is likely to become First in the list very soon. Airline owns a huge fleets of 55 aircrafts that yearned the whopping profit of approx 75 Percent last year.

How excited are we to have the services

As Vietjet has been defending its marketing strategy saying it tries to break age old conventional and orthodox image of Vietnam on international platform, we are still awaiting to see the response this airline would garner as this touches our sensitive nerves of considerably conservative society that still is stuck on the length of the skirt.

As dreamy it might seem, way to success is definitely not going to be a cakewalk for Nguyen this time either so just like rest of us, let’s start packing for our Vietnam trip soon.

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