List of 5 Best K-12 Learning Apps for CBSE, ICSE & State Board Students

In today’s Era, You may get confused with thousands of Learning Apps & Websites, Which are promoting or tempting students to buy their courses.

At that moment, mostly lose their trust in e-learning (online Learning). So, Choose your Learning app Wisely & never forget to rate your learning app which can help to others.

A few believe that e-learning or online learning is useless and there is no sense to use those learning apps but many believe that learning anytime, anywhere and at your convenience can make things better.

but they got confused in which learning platform is best for overall learning? Here we are providing the list of best K-12 learning apps for CBSE, ICSE & state Boards.

1. SmartSchoolOnline (Study’n’Learn – Learning App):

It is the one of the best K-12 Learning App for CBSE, ICSE, State Board Students. This may be very new name for many of us but it is the child product of SMARTSCHOOL EDUCATION Group which are into the education field since 2011. This App has almost everything for which a Student may think.

In this app you will get complete CBSE Cirrculum Mapped Study material in 2D & 3D Digital Content which is easy to understand. They can study with NCERT textbook solutions and question banks, can get their doubts cleared by asking an expert, enjoy online training and attend free webinars; they have almost everything a student requires.

Studynlearn Learning App - Smartschoolonline

Pros Cons
Cost-effective, good teaching faculty, CBSE Approved Study Material No AI effect

2. BJYU’s Learning App:

One of the well-known e-learning organisations in India, with so many innovative products and e-learning techniques. It definitely helps students to understand certain complex concepts in a comprehensive manner. Students who are seeking to get better marks in the CBSE board exam, particularly in Mathematics, will find this site useful.

Pros Cons
Good App Hype, costly, overpromise

3. Embibe Learning App:

An AI platform which gives you a personalised e-learning experience. Best teaching faculty is what sets Embibe apart from the rest. One of the prime reasons that CBSE students might prefer this platform is that it uses some of the latest e-learning technology. But the AI is not helpful when it comes to complex questioning.

Pros Cons
Best technology AI is not helpful when it comes to complex questioning, So AI is Worthless.

4. Toppr Learning App:

Toppr seems to be a promising e-learning company for two reasons. One is superior quality of visuals and the other is that it was envisioned by IITians. Although the rest is the same as other companies, rich-quality content and visuals set it apart.

Pros Cons
Best content, visuals Heavily over-priced

We hope that you found this article meaningful and you might have the best E-learning experience of your lifetime. Since we tried to clarify all the stuff you need the most, it is time for you to take action. All the best CBSE students; we wish you take a right decision.

According to one of the reports conducted by Huffington Post, 83% of respondents say e-learning is the best and most impactful way of learning.

Happy e-learning! 🙂